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Preventive care is a major part to maintaining healthy teeth and gums; we offer a variety of care to maximize oral wellness and keep your smile looking and feeling

We recommend that you have bi-annual check-ups to address any dental issues before they create any significant damage. Following your state-of-the-art exam, we will recommend prevention therapies or treatments for any issues that may arise, such as dental decay (ie. cavities) or gum disease. Your oral health is our priority and we will always provide the impeccable care and service that you deserve.the best.


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The American Dental Association recommends you see your dentist at least twice a year for a checkup. During a checkup we inspect for oral cancer, periodontal disease, and any other problems. We also inspect each tooth thoroughly for any signs of tooth decay and cracks, as well as previous dental work which may over time begin to wear out and possibly need to be replaced. By scheduling bi-annual checkups, we can often reduce the potential for larger dental problems.

  • FACT: A small cavity left untreated can grow and start to destroy an entire tooth.
  • FACT: Advanced gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss for Adults.
  • FACT: Oral cancer causes 7500+ deaths each year.
  • FACT: All of which, if caught and treated early, can be controlled.


Periodontal Therapy

FACT: Up to 80% of the country unknowingly has some sort of gum disease. Gum disease is categorized as a bacterial infection surrounding one or several teeth. This may cause little to no pain or discomfort in the early stages, but left untreated, it will spread and start to infect gums, teeth, and bone. Recent studies show that it can lead to heart disease and strokes, as well as diabetes and other serious health complications.

In the early stages, we can treat and reverse gum disease non-surgically. Treatment involves professional scaling, which is the careful scraping of all the affected areas along the tooth and gum surfaces. Patients usually experience immediate improvement, but treatment does not stop in the office. We will also recommend the most effective ways of brushing and flossing at home, and we ask to see you again for a recheck.

If gum disease progresses without treatment, a patient may require surgery to help restore the mouth to good oral health. Periodontists typically target your gums, to reduce pocket depth, any bone or tissue regeneration, crown lengthening, and possibly tissue grafts to improve your chances of a healthy smile for life.



Sometimes a tooth becomes irreparably damaged, in which case Dr. Hayner would recommend an extraction of the tooth, and he would prepare the area for restorative treatments. Oral surgery may also be needed in cases of impaction or crowding.


TMJ Therapy

TMJ can have a variety of symptoms from mild to severe, starting with a clicking jaw and discomfort to headaches and pains in your ears and neck. This condition is very common and is caused by stress and/or an improper bite. One or both cause the joints and cartilage, which join your lower jaw to your temporal bone–allowing your mouth to open and close, to malfunction and expose nerve endings, creating the discomfort.

During your regular exam we try and evaluate every patient for TMJ. If a problem is detected, we will protect teeth from any future damage, and help to correct bite misalignment. Treatments include a bite appliance, and recommended stress and symptom relief measures.

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