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    Preventing Tooth Decay (Cavities!)

    Preventing Tooth Decay (Cavities!)

    Did you know that over 23% of Americans age 20-64 have some sort of tooth decay? It’s also the SECOND disorder after the common cold. 

    Makes you really want to pucker up, right?! Gross!

    pittsburgh family dentist

    (This is an extreme case of dental decay – but this what COULD happen if you don’t brush everyday! Show this to your kids this Halloween for a REAL scare!)

    Tooth decay is easily preventable – you can do simple tips at home to help keep your teeth in tip top shape!

    – Oral hygiene is necessary to prevent cavities (aka tooth decay!) Maintain the best oral care you can with these tips:

    -You need a professional cleaning (every 6 months),

    -brushing at least twice a day, and flossing at least daily. (X-rays may be taken yearly to detect possible cavity development in high risk areas of the mouth.)

    – Chewy, sticky foods (such as dried fruit or candy) should be eaten WITH a meal instead of as a snack, – this prevents having a constant supply of acid in your mouth to break down your tooth enamel. It’s also bad to always be sucking on candy, mints or drinking sugary drinks throughout the day.

    – Dental sealants can prevent some cavities. If you’re interested in sealants, contact Hayner Dental today at (412)281-3955. You might have gotten sealants as a child – which are thin plastic-like coatings applied to the chewing surfaces of the molars (which help prevent the bulid up of plaque!).

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